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Our story

As architects with projects scaling from small to extremely complex ones, we needed a fast and effortless collaboration platform that simplifies the project process from start to finish. None available were comprehensive enough, so we created our own. 

Simple, cloud-based, easy to use, packed with features that help us work together and create better. 

So, mission accomplished, now for the vision - never stop improving and maintaining the highest software quality standards to help firms manage their work and thrive to their full capacities in the digital age. And save some trees in the process.

Collaboration platform

VOLUM3 enables construction professionals to collaborate on projects from any Internet-connected device with access to all project documents, contracts, RFIs, submittals, schedules, drawings and more.

We tested VOLUM3 with large architecture companies - they were amazed by the fact it allows them to very quickly ramp up their project and start using it for their project team(s). Most of their subcontractors were also interested in seeing VOLUM3 in action, finding it extremely easy to use and learn.

Even if you are a small company VOLUM3 enables you to compete with much larger firms by showcasing the quality of produced work directly from within the VOLUM3 Collaboration Platform.