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Quickly create meetings using tasks and all information you already have on the platform. VOLUM3 helps you keep everything in one place, organised and ready to use.


Be on top of your tasks, stay organised with VOLUM3.
Communicate transparently with your team, easily track due dates and responsibilities on projects.


No more wondering what version of the plan is the current one - latest version delivered to your entire team in seconds.


VOLUM3 is your virtual showroom - keep catalogs, news and information available to users at any time. 
Direct contact and access to information on any product, without phone calls, e-mails or meetings.


Specify your materials and products in one place, connect them to rooms, tasks and bill of quantities. Predefined forms and automatization help you do your job more efficiently. Product Catalogue helps you add products to your project with just a few clicks.


Enter your area allocation and track changes, even to the smallest unit - room.
Room data sheets, tracking budget changes, products and materials per area, all effortlessly possible with VOLUM3

... and more!

Available and upcoming features

VOLUM3 modules round up the whole process for companies and their projects

Just like in the real-life setting – from project plans and tasks to tendering, meetings, product catalog and specifications – providing means of managing multiple projects across multiple stages, disciplines and teams - architects, designers, general contractors, subcontractors, consultants, and owners.

The user interface currently has 6 active modules
 with more in development!
With no space restrictions, and all your project documentation in one place, no matter how small or complex your project is – VOLUM3 has got you covered! 


in development...

No Excel, rewriting, wrong additions, errors… All created product and material specifications are automatically integrated into the BoQ


in development...

Tenders don’t have to be nightmares - love your tender!