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Make sure your design is being built

VOLUM3 integrates all the functions you need: digital plans, tasks and reports, meeting minutes and follow-up, specifications... 

Track changes on your project from concept to construction site, all on one easy online platform. 

The info is available to you at any time, from multiple devices. Organise your projects in teams, by disciplines and stages — mirroring your real-life workflow. 

Interior designers

Save time and elevate your designs with VOLUM3

With a continuously updated furniture catalogue and extensive customization options, you can create your own FF&E specifications and transform your ideas into great designs.

Specify more efficiently within budget and client requirements, and create complete specification documents within seconds.

Manage your budget, specs, and samples all in one place with our powerful tools.

Project Managers

Get transparent cost and timeline overview at any moment

Manage your projects from one simple, online platform. Create tasks fast and easy, share them with your team members automatically and keep track of how the job gets done. 

Use the Meetings feature to plan your tasks and coordinate team members. Create effortless reports to track your progress. 


Get the project you wanted. Faster. Cheaper. Better.

With VOLUM3 you have a complete overview over the project: all information, plans and documents are available on the same platform, at any time. 

The process of approval and monitoring changes is effortless, simple and fast. 

Deadlines are transparent, making it easy for you to check up on the potential delays. 

Facility managers

All info and specs are instantly accessible in project database.

Benefit from all the data created during the design and construction period - plans, specifications, manuals... You can rely on VOLUM3 to always have easily searchable plans and specs available on multiple devices, anywhere you are. 

Tasks are directly linked to plans allowing simple and prompt follow-up. 


Get accurate info on time to ensure the best quality of construction.

With VOLUM3 you'll have current sets of plans without delays, easily searchable and always available. In a cloud, on any Internet-based device. 

Changes and tasks are directly linked to plans, allowing simple and prompt follow-up. 


Get your product specified with just one click.

Join VOLUM3 and create your own database for easy browsing. Get your sales up by making your products easily specified in one place. 

Your products will be added to projects, and become part of specification books and cost estimates - architects and other users can quickly choose products and make them part of their projects. 

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